Psuedogygites latimarginatus

In the few locations in central Ontario where the Collingwood member of the Lindsay (Cobourg) Fm. is exposed, Psuedogygites is a very common trilobite. At the exposures of this shale-like oily limestone on Georgian Bay, northwest of Collingwood, and at the St. Mary’s Cement Co. quarry at Bowmanville, molt fragments of these trilobites are very common. They are also found in shaly limestone in the lower Billings Shale-Eastview Fm. in Ottawa, near the boundary of the Cobourg Fm. These asaphi trilobites could be quite large, possibly surpassing 30 cms., but the usual size is about 3 to six cms. Death pools of dozens of individuals are not uncommon. The tree carapaces below are from a pool of more than 50 found at Craiglieth. Not the partially-healed injury on the bottom-left specimen.3pseudos

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